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Water Matters

Thu, October 1, 2020
Leaf with Water Drop

 “A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.” – Lucy Larcom

Activated water using the Grander method is an integral part of the extraction process at PhytoQuant. This unique scientific method produces high efficacy and purity in our micronutritional supplements. The following is an introduction to why water matters so much and why we find it fascinating.

Water is something we take for granted because it’s everywhere, yet advancements in technology and measuring capabilities now allows science to discover just how little we actually know.

Our planet is 71% water, making up oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. Oceans are home to innumerable species of life, 91% of which have yet to be discovered according to New Scientist. Water steams out of Old Faithful and falls upon us in the form of rain and snow. Water is the reason we have clouds. Our bodies are made up of between 60% and 99% water depending on how you measure it, and it fills 99.2% of all our molecules. It is also becoming one of our largest ecological worries: will we have enough clean water to live on in the next few decades?

Water is known to have three states: liquid, gas and solid, like other substances, but it’s physical qualities and unique properties suggest that it may exist in additional states and can be illustrated as gel-like in nature.

The density of water does not follow a straight line, it changes (inverts) at 4 degrees celcius. This results in a fixed mass of water taking up more room as a solid than as a liquid,. Another example is the surface tension of liquid water, which is roughly twice that of other non-polar, simpler liquids.

Here is what some people write about water:

“Water is the miraculous liquid that supports and sustains life on Earth. Water has unsuspected qualities that cannot be seen in any other substances. It is a universal solvent, as it can dissolve most natural substances. It is highly sensitive not only to physical but also to informational stimuli. Water has memory – the water molecules’ ability to store information on the physical and chemical structure of the environment it comes into contact with. It records any external influence and stores information.” (1)

“Water is simple enough, but not too simple. This means that one possibility for explaining the apparent extra phase of water is that it behaves a little bit like a liquid crystal. The hydrogen bonds between molecules keep some order at low temperatures, but eventually could take a second, less-ordered liquid phase at higher temperatures. This could explain the kinks observed by the researchers in their data.” (2)

Water behaves in ways that we have yet to fully understand, and that follows new rules of physics, such as quantum physics. We see this in the laboratory where test results are repeatable even if the “why” is not yet fully understood.

Dr. Massuro Emoto, from the University of Yokohama conducted extensive studies in the 1980’s and 1990’s on water crystals. His early research began with documenting photographs of water crystals from different sources: tap, streams, and lakes, in different regions. He began to expose water to different types of music and froze the water to evaluate the crystals.

“A subsequent step was to expose the water smples to other stimuli, carrying various types of information. Water tubes were labelled with various messages. The labels were pasted so that the writing be turned towards the water. Once more, water proved to be a good receiver, as it changed its structure according to the nature of the information. The more harmonious and positive the information, the more complex and balanced crystallization patterns became (Manoiu and Manoiu, 2005, pp 306-310; Emoto, 2006, 2007).” (1)

Jacques Benveniste, a prominent immunologist and researcher, hypothesized that when dissolved in water, a substance acts like a template, altering the electromagnetic properties of the water. In subsequent dilutions, these properties would be transferred to the newly added water. In this way, the water retained a “memory” of the substance dissolved in the initial solution.

Nobel Prize winner in medicine Luc Montagnier, continues on with Benveniste’s research to prove that water retains a memory. Dr. Montagnier considered Dr. Benveniste the Galileo of his day.


The ramifications of water retaining a memory and reacting to its environment, not only on a physical level but at a vibrational level should not be underestimated. We only need to see the stark contrast in the photographs of Dr. Emoto and the results of Drs. Benveniste and Montagnier to realize that there is much more to water than meets the eye.

If water has memory, and that memory can be transferred, then it should be possible to imprint a new memory into water.

“All laws of physics are theoretical models only.” – Johann Grander


This brings us to Johann Grander. Like many pioneers, this naturally curious researcher, experimenter and inventor conducted experiments on water that could be repeated,yet could not be explained by our current laws of physics. (1) This is not the first time in history that the laws of physics have been challenged, leaving scientists continuing to scratch their heads.

At a quantum level, science continues to discover how little we really understand. Researchers in Quantum Mechanics have been progressively questioning, if not outright disproving, “Laws of Physics” and theories put forth by the great scientists like Einstein. The Double Slit Experiment is a perfect example of why we should all be willing to accept that there are aspects of nature that we can’t prove in the traditional sense, until our capability to measure what happens at a Quantum level improves significantly. Johann Grander’s work helped to give birth to an emerging field, Applied Water Physics.

PhytoQuant uses only Grander’s revitalized/activated water which is “cleaned” of its previous memories and therefore has its entire bandwidth available. This water then absorbs the energy and active ingredients we are looking for in our plant extracts, and results in a more concentrated, active, and beneficial product.

As a side effect, Grander water will also be cleaner because in revitalized water, the natural background flora is more active and consumes more nutrients and undesirable bacteria can not establish themselves easily. (3) This allows for a higher microbiological stability.

Water is an important topic with continually emerging information that we will be exploring further in future articles. We invite you to come back to explore this with us and we hope that you will find water to be as fascinating as we do.  

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