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Respecting Nature while Extracting the Goodness

Mon, January 11, 2021

Respectful of nature. This is a phrase you will often hear when you visit Steiner Labs, PhytoQuant or the factory. How we treat our plants, extract the active ingredients and make our final products are the basis for why our products are unique and proprietary.

By using a proprietary ultrasound extraction process, almost all of the active ingredients are extracted, without denaturing them and which is respectful of the nature of plants.

The respect of nature begins in the fields where the plants are grown applying biodynamic principles to provide ideal growing conditions. They are irrigated with spring water, without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or any chemicals and are harvested in their high season to ensure the maximum nutrient uptake.

Once harvested, they are dehydrated utilizing natural methods without excessive heat or high pressure. The PhytoQuant goal is to maintain a harmonized ecosystem to ensure that raw materials maintain their natural vitality.

The ultrasound extraction process was developed to be able to extract nearly all of the essence of the plant. The process is faster and more efficient than maceration or heat extraction and only activated water is used. Activated water is achieved through the Grander® process as we describe on our website in more detail. No alcohol is ever used in PhytoQuant’s extraction process.

The ultrasound process is adjusted to each plant to ensure that the process is in harmony with nature. Maceration often utilizes chemical solvents and because of the extensive time it takes, the process can interfere with the harmonization of the plant. The same is true of heat extraction, since heat tends to disrupt some of the very nutrients we want to retain.

The ultrasound process works very differently. Rather than being a harsh operation, it utilizes cavitation, creating bubbles that de-structure the plant cell membrane. Think of the plant cell as an egg and the ultrasound process selectively destroys a portion of the shell to release the contents. This creates a stable emulsion of the totum of the molecules existing inside the plant cell.

The result is an extraction that is virtually sterile -through the natural destruction of the bacterial load in the ultrasound process – and contains in an unadulterated form the ingredients from within the cell. There is no need for preservatives or additional treatments allowing for the delivery of a supplement that is pure.

PhytoQuant supplements are truly unique because of their respect of the nature of plants. They are proprietary because of our extraction method. They maintain a high level of efficacy because they retain their harmony with nature. Maintaining this harmony with the plants and with the whole environment is another key reason our products are so unique.

Try them yourself to find out why over 5,000 practitioners in Europe have recommended them in Europe for over 16 years.

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